The Reason for Simulation

Would you buy a car before you took it for a test drive? Of course you wouldn’t. So, why would you hire a person unless you have seen their ability to perform required business tasks with your own eyes? Oh they sound great in the interview but can they actually DO what they say they can do?

The average cost of a bad hire or promotion is approximately 5 times their yearly salary. This encompasses not just their lost salary but the impact on client relations, revenue, productivity, supervision time and morale. A $50,000 salary will cost you $250,000 overall if you hire or promote the wrong person.

There are simulators for pilots learning to fly, there are simulators for people learning to drive. Why should business be any different? Nobody wants to to learn through crashing and burning, which is the reason for business simulation.

Office Setting Reproduction

The world’s first Business Simulation Center

Replicated Conference Rooms

The world’s first Business Simulation Center

Simulated Lobby Areas

The world’s first Business Simulation Center

Customized Trade Show Environments

The world’s first Business Simulation Center


We take the guess work out of hiring and training

With the ability to create any type of business scenario and simulate it in our studio, our clients have utilized our simulations for multiple needs in their business.

  • Hiring
  • Performance review
  • Business skill training
  • Trade show preparation
  • Team building workshops

The combination of the Business Simulation Center and our customized simulations will reduce hiring costs, improve hiring decisions and upgrade the overall performance of your team of business professionals.